Tuesday, September 8, 2009

adrienne & mike: wedding

Adrienne (my sister) and Mike were married in an intimate ceremony on August 28th in Washington Crossing, PA. You might remember them from their engagement session last May. The ceremony was beautiful and everything about the wedding was great - the whole weekend was a blast and more posts will follow detailing the rest of it.

With the new baby, my sister wasn't sure if we would be able to make the trip so they decided to use Megan Zeller Photography. I didn't want to step on another photographers toes so I stuck mostly to the details and tried to control myself and stay out of the way.

I usually make it a point to take some shots of the bride's shoes; however, Adrienne decided to be barefoot. The groom's shoes though were awesome.

Okay so I said I tried to control myself and stay out of the way...but when you get married in a room as cool as a vineyard barrel room I couldn't help myself. I had to steal the newlyweds for a few moments to climb on the barrels.

The evening was fun and the kids behaved so well during the ceremony. Jake and I enjoyed a reason to get just a little dressed up and even managed a nice self-take.

More images to come of the whole fun weekend!

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