Friday, June 18, 2010

happy birthday.

Yesterday was Kinsley's first birthday. After an emotional night on the 16th as I realized she was actually turning one, the day was a fun celebration. Xander started singing Happy Birthday to her first thing in the morning and kept it up throughout the day. She dove into her cake with enthusiasm I previously thought must be staged for photos (since Xander didn't want any first birthday cake at all) and made a big mess of herself. Seeing the fun she was having Xander than dove into his cake and I ended up washing 2 chocolate covered kids in the sink since I didn't even want to try to get them upstairs to the tub. Presents were opened. The #1 candle was extinguished. There was a lot of clapping which is currently Kinsley's go to way to say 'hey I like this'. And even though I can't begin to grasp how she is one already the day was a success.
I promise pictures were taken. I was so excited to share the adorable grins and chocolate covered baby goodness with everyone. Unfortunately when I logged on last night to do so my computer, which has been limping along, said no. No negotiations. No pleading. Just plain no. So the top priority tonight is ordering a shiny new upgrade.
Happy Birthday Kinsley. Pictures coming soon.