Monday, April 25, 2011

playground days.

I love slides and swings and the sound of my kids laughter in the wind. Even when the ground is a soggy mess and the slide ends in a puddle, a day at the playground is one of my favorite things.

Kinsley has started declaring her independence. First it was the big kid swings and now it has grown to include steps and slides and ladders. 'No No Mommy' she says with determination when I reach for her hand or offer help.

And while I will always cherish those moments when her little hand reaches for mine or she calls "Hep (help) Mommy - HEP!' the pride in her smile when she does it herself is great.

At almost 4 Xander is a crazy bundle of boy. Climbing everything in sight and more often than not finishing his climb by jumping off the top of whatever he has scaled.

He is silly and funny and makes me laugh a hundred times a day.

This past weekend, even though the ground was soggy and the paths ended in puddles I enjoyed a fabulous session with a very amusing 7 year old. Check back soon to meet him!