Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Jake grew up camping at the Yough in Confluence, PA. While we were dating I spent many weekends camping with his family and this campsite is a place we both love. With nothing pressing to do with ourselves on the Friday of our week in PA we decided to take the kids to the Yough.
We started with lunch at Sister's Cafe - hands down the best cafe.

Xander got to see a train while we were waiting for our meal and got to watch the bikers, two of his favorite things. Confluence is the only place I've been where the bike rack in front of Sister's Cafe is often as full as the parking lot.

Even Kinsley was having a good time.

After spending some time in the campground we went across the dam to swim in the lake. Xander loved it!

Jake took this image of a morning glory against the chain link fence - I love it.

I still have plenty of images I'm working through from my time on maternity leave and more posts are coming soon. I also have some sessions coming up in September and October so check back!

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