Saturday, February 12, 2011

winston-salem newborn photography: gloria

5 days old with eyes that reflect back her world. Her mom who loves her more than words. Her dad who will keep her safe forever. Her brother who will become her best friend. 5 days old and already loved so perfectly. Meet Gloria.

I couldn't believe it when Gloria went the entire session without so much as a snooze. She was wide awake and taking it all in with those beautiful eyes the entire time.

Where's sisters nose?

Thank you Mary and Peter for welcoming me in your home. Congratulations on the new addition!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

winston-salem children's photography: katelyn

I included some of my favorites from my recent session with Katelyn in the sneak peek but have more of this beautiful little girl to share. We spent a perfect January day at Wake Forest University where we got to play on the fabulous tree swings.

One of my favorite things about shooting kids is watching them grow and change from session to session. Katelyn has certainly been doing both. She just turned 4 and is a bundle of energy and laughter. She doesn't hesitate to roll in the grass, race to the next bench or climb up a brick wall but in the next moment is oohhing and awwing over the 'princess castle steps' at Reynolda Hall and twirling in dress up jewelry and high heels.

Little sister Cara was ready to join in the fun as well.

Especially when Mom brought out the dress up bag. I love little girls in Mom's heels!

What a great way to spend a sunny, warm January afternoon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

bulk sneak peek

Things have been busy, busy, busy and the blog has been severely neglected. My apologies to anyone still checking after this very (VERY) long break. I am wading through the fun and excitement of a complete re-brand and a new website (oh yes...and 2 energetic kids who are ready for Spring). It really has been fun and exciting though. When I started Milestones I knew that I wanted to take a few years and really find my brand before I put a lot of energy into branding. But the time has come and while the process has been great it is almost finished. Almost. Or at least we are getting a lot closer than we were.
In the meantime here are some sneak peeks of a few of the wonderful families I have had the opportunity to meet, laugh, roar like a dragon and spin like a princess with recently.