Monday, September 14, 2009

philadelphia weekend

This post is long and late - on August 27th Jake, me and the kids flew to Philadelphia for the weekend. Adrienne and Mike were getting married and since relatives and friends were coming from Pittsburgh, North Carolina, California and England they planned a weekend full of fun.
We counted down the days with Xander until we were going to fly on an airplane and he was so excited. I think he could have stood at this window and watched the planes all day.

After arriving on Thursday we went to a rehearsal-less rehearsal dinner. As the ceremony was going to be small there was no need for the technical rehearsal but it was fun to enjoy Hibachi with everyone!

Soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher...

Saturday the newlyweds took us on a tour of Philadelphia. Jake had to fly home Saturday morning to go to work and couldn't join us for the rest of the weekend fun. With Kinsley strapped in her front carrier for the day I only managed one photo of Philadelphia - this is City Hall with the William Penn statue on the top. Until 1987 no building in Philadelphia was taller than the top of William Penn's hat.

After an afternoon of exploring Philadelphia we stopped at Love Park and enjoyed the fountain.

Xander thoroughly enjoyed the fountain - he actually went swimming. This is him telling me it isn't time to get out. "It's almost time to get out Mommy...I'm almost cold." Note he says this between chattering teeth. It was a hot day but the fountain was chilly.

On Sunday we headed to the community pool to celebrate Nate's 9th birthday. This cookie cake was delicious.

Swimming, pizza, cookie cake and presents - what a day!

I love when kids are still so expressive with presents - I don't know what he was opening in either of these but it must have been awesome.

Grandpa got a card that was written in code and came with a cipher. Being an awesome Grandpa he used the cipher and drew the code on the envelope and his message in the card. Great job Grandpa!

Images of the week at Grandma's coming soon!

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