Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beach Landscapes

As I noted in my last post I enjoyed the scenery at the beach so much I took more landscapes than usual. 6 amazing sunrises out of 7 - can't ask for much more! Our one day of rain led us to the Aquarium - photos to come soon!

This was the scene that greeted us first thing Sunday morning.

Moments after starting our walk the sun climbed high enough to give this amazing pink morning light - I did not have a lens on hand to capture it appropriately but I am not kidding when I say there were dolphins jumping under this sunrise!

The days were pretty great too!

Morning sand rippled from the night winds. It's great to be the first on the beach!

Some thieves had run off with the for sale sign from this post - while I don't condone stealing, I loved the image they left me! (Just FYI - when the realtor returned later that day with a new sign we learned this particular plot of sand cost 1.1 million!)

Completely worth getting up at the crack of dawn.

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