Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Virgina Aquarium

We had one rainy day during vacation so we took off for a day at the Virginia Aquarium.

Xander was a little nervous at first.

Photo by Jake

It took some work convincing him the 'fishies' couldn't get him through the glass.

But he loved the river otters! (He had me laughing calling the otters 'fishies' when they were swimming and 'doggies' when they were playing on the rocks.)

We encountered some scuba divers cleaning the fish and shark tanks. Jake thought this would be the greatest job in the world - Xander was terrified of them.

Photo by Jake

Jake made friends with the turtles.

Photo by Jake

Photo by Jake

And while Xander started the day nervous, by the time we left he was 'petting' sting rays like a pro!

Photo by Jake

Thanks to my wonderful husband for taking all the Aquarium photos so I could focus on chasing Xander - once he got comfortable there he was too excited to stand still!

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jb said...

Wonderful blog!!- Rally enjoyed my visit- thank you for the lovely photos

Anadia -Aveiro-Portugal