Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Vacation

The beginning of September we took our first family vacation since Xander was born. Jake, Xander and I joined my mom and Ronn for a week at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia. It was Xander's first trip to the beach and we had a blast!

We arrived on Saturday as Hanna was finishing her coastal attack. (Yes we drove toward the Tropical Storm during a voluntary evacuation - did I mention how long it's been since we had a vacation?) The storm had left a great sand wall along the beach.

While I was looking left to photograph the wall Jake, a big kid at heart, couldn't resist jumping on it behind me.

It was late afternoon when we arrived and still very windy so we had a lazy evening. But early Sunday morning we got to enjoy our coffee with a beach view!

Every morning started with a sunrise beach walk. Xander unexpectedly slept in the first morning so Jake and I got to enjoy a married couples sunrise rather than a Mommy & Daddy sunrise. Thanks Grammy! (Note - I took so many landscape photos I decided to post them separately - coming soon!)

The second morning however, Xander joined us and I was thrilled with the chance to shoot my boys in the sunrise! The series following is under debate in my house.

My 2 favorites.

Jake's favorite.

Most morning Xander started out walking...

...but it usually wasn't long before he was begging for a free ride.

We found plenty of fun treasures that the tide had brought in overnight.

And had quite the collection by the end of the week. Xander loved the birds and their feathers!

Even though it was his first beach trip Xander wasted no time making himself at home in the sand...

...digging holes with Daddy...

...and just plain having fun!

Thanks to Daddy we even have a few photos of Xander and me this time!

Check back soon for photos from our trip to the Aquarium!

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