Saturday, December 19, 2009

walking in a winter wonderland...

Greetings snow! don't remember me. Well, it's been a long time. We grew up together up North. I must admit I used to take you for granted...I may even have said a negative thing about you now and again. But oh how I have missed you. Welcome snow - please stay as long as you like!

Of course the best part is how excited Xander is about the snow. It's his first real snow and he was more excited than Jake and I - which believe me is a big deal because we were pretty excited.

I told Xander he could eat the snow - you know provided it was a standard white color and had no grass or dirt in it. Loved his reaction.

We'll be spending the weekend either outside playing or inside by the fire drinking hot chocolate.

Only 6 days until Christmas! From our house to yours Merry Christmas!

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