Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!

I admit, I am not blogging on Christmas morning - this is in fact a pre-scheduled post. But Merry Christmas none-the-less.

As this is posting, I am probably downstairs enjoying a mug of hot chocolate and watching my son as he excitedly opens the presents Santa brought him. This is Xander's first year understanding the concept of Santa and he has been asking him consistently for a truck, a race car and candy since Thanksgiving. I'm betting Santa delivers.

Kinsley is probably confused by the chaos of her first Christmas, especially when you add in the chaos of an incredibly excited 2.5 year old, but she finds everything her big brother does to be funny so she is probably smiling.

I'm sure Jake and I are rubbing sleep deprived eyes and I am taking in the scene through the lens of my 50mm. In short, a perfect family Christmas moment is in progress. But I couldn't miss the chance to wish everyone else a Merry Christmas, and to share my family with you.

The first weekend of December we headed to Tanglewood Park for the family Christmas card self-take. It was fun...and cold...but still fun.

Our Christmas card...

Some of my other favorites from the morning...

Xander is singing the ABC's to Kinsley. She loves when her brother sings to her.

Jake caught these while Xander was running around being crazy - which is pretty typical for Xander. I love his energy. He is such a happy kid.

I hope each of you have a Christmas filled with the love and joy of family.

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sadie.higs said...

I know you've got to have some good photos from Christmas or recently -- let's see them! :)