Sunday, May 9, 2010

from both of us.

Happy Mother's Day...from both of us. I love the sound of that. This was the first 'from the both of us' card I have received. It made me smile, as did the careful 'x' Xander signed on the inside and the squiggly line Kinsley drew that ended up in equal part on her leg. It also made me realize that this time last year my card was from the one of us. I was still pregnant and Kinsley did not even have a name yet. Here we are a year later and my whole life has been shaken up, dumped out and put back together into something more amazing then I could have ever imagined. More chaotic then I thought I could handle. More love than I knew I could feel. More wonderful. More crazy. More perfect. Because 2 is more than 1. Better than 1. And today, as with everyday, I am thankful to be their mom. To hear "I love you bigger than the milks away (milky way)." To get wide open mouth kisses on my cheek with the 'smack' sound on a 5 second delay. To cuddle them and love them and watch them grow. To try to remember every moment as they pass by on fast forward. Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are walking this road with me. To all of you who are looking back from the finish line and to all of you who are taking your position at the start.

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