Tuesday, February 9, 2010

puzzle piece hands.

I forgot my lunch today, which is only relevant in that I ended up grabbing a fast food sandwich instead. Sitting in the booth I noticed an elderly couple at a table across the row. They were sitting together on the same side of the table like a pair of dating teenagers. Smiling at each other. Sharing their meals with weathered hands linked together on the table between them. Laughing at their conversation. Perhaps at a new snippet about something that happened just this morning but I'd imagine after a lifetime together it is just as likely a story they have laughed at together a thousand times.

You could see they were in love.

You could see they were happy.

You could see they would rather sit together on the same side of that wobbly table than be anywhere else apart.

I wanted my camera. I wanted to capture the joy on their faces and the love in their eyes. I wanted to zoom in on their aged hands so comfortably linked together like the pieces of a perfect puzzle. I wanted to hear the stories about all the joy and sadness and work those hands had been through together. I thought about my friend Sarah's recent post about the camera in her head and, not for the first time, I longed for the camera in my head. But alas, they finished their meal and I still was without a camera. On shaky legs she stood from the table. In a move as natural as breathing, he steadied her with his hand under her arm and they shuffled together towards the door.

I do not know their names. I do not know their story. But I thank them. For reminding me today that all the day-to-day living is what brings us from "I do" to sharing a million cups of coffee at a wobbly table in a fast food restaurant. For reminding me that even after "I do" it is important to choose to sit on the same side of the table and to look at each other with eyes that leave no doubt of your love for one another. I thank them for reminding me that sharing all the work and joy and sadness of life is what makes those hands fit together so perfectly.

I am really glad that I forgot my lunch.

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