Thursday, October 29, 2009

rob & steph: wedding

It was the perfect day. The drizzle outside and the cool temperatures could have been a blizzard and it would have still been the perfect day. It was the day they said I do. It was the day they promised their lives to each other. It was the day they took the first big step towards forever. It was a day filled with smiles and love and celebration.

Congratulations Rob and Steph!

Typically I start the wedding day with the bride and her girls. I visit the groom and the guys to take their group shots but spend the majority of the prep time with the bride. As I was not the official photographer for my brother's wedding I got to hang out with him and guys as they got ready. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was a completely different environment. There is a lot more goofing around and watching television going on with the guys than I've ever seen in the bride's prep. Actually, I have NEVER seen any wrestling or television watching in the bride's prep.

They got down to the business of getting ready about 45 minutes before they were planning to leave. Oh to be a boy...

Xander was allowed to watch Uncle Rob get ready as long as he stayed out of the way. He took me seriously and watched from inside the closet.

A new challenge...photographing a ceremony from your seat.

The reception was was at The Sheraton Station Square. The room overlooked the city and was beautiful!

You'll notice the Steelers paraphernalia on the wedding party. They were lucky enough to visit Heinz Field for photos between the ceremony and reception.

I already posted this series in the sneak peek but they are some of my favorites. I loved their first dance and am actually glad a little rain kept everyone from blowing bubbles at the church.

The reception was a blast but I put away my camera and joined my brother and new sister-in-law to celebrate! Congratulations Rob and Steph and I look forward to a lifetime of celebrations with you!

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