Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome Kinsley Redington!

Yesterday morning at 6:15am, when my water broke, the reality that a new baby was coming finally hit. After taking Xander to school, and stopping off at McDonald's for breakfast (What can I say? We were hungry!) we checked into Forsyth Medical Center. At 4:32pm Kinsley Redington finally joined us.

She is perfect - of course!

6lbs 5 oz - the exact same weight as her big brother. 20 inches long with a head fun of Jake's dark hair.

More photos to follow soon - it was a long, busy and exciting day yesterday. I'm looking forward to hugging Xander this morning and introducing him to his new sister!


Trina said...

OMG!!! She's adorable. I'm so happy for you, Jake and Xander and your new addition (Kinsley). I LOVE that name!! Well you get some much needed rest and keep the pictures rolling in!! Congrats again!!

Jolene said...

Congratulations she is beautiful. I know that Xander will be the best little brother to his new "prissy" sis. Glad everyone is doing ok! More pictures please!

.tracy.365. said...

Congratulations to the both of you!! Such a pretty name, I love it! :)