Thursday, March 12, 2009


Got to spend some time visiting with Sarah, Jordan and Nolan on Saturday.

For a while he was so alert!

Daddy and Nolan.

Xander is always pointing out babies but this was his first close encounter. He was fascinated.

Xander meet Nolan - Nolan...Xander. The cousins will be just under 2 years apart and I have a feeling will keep us all on our toes as they grow up together!


~Evie~ said...

aww I love that pic of Higs & Nolan - he looks so happy :) :) Im totally jealous that I don't get to see him until Easter :(

Anonymous said...

That's so cute. Abby seems to think that all babies are named "Baby". She kept yelling "Hi Baby!" at other kids while we were at the Science Center.