Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby Shinsky

In addition to engagement photos I spent Saturday celebrating the upcoming birth of my nephew (due in March!). The shower was wonderful and Sarah and Jordan the ideal picture of excited soon-to-be parents!

The soon-to-be Grandma's put together a great shower game - each guest had to figure out if the baby would be like mom or like dad if they did the following. We got to learn a bunch of fun, embarrassing, unique facts about Sarah and Jordan as children. The Grandma's had Sarah and Jordan sit up front and admit to their childhood antics! I'll never tell who used to do wind sprints in their underwear!

Then came the best part of a baby shower - PRESENTS!

This is a rolling giggle pal. It is a fun and annoying toy that squealed 'ha ha he he ha ha he he' for every bump in the road all 400 miles of the trip to PA. I hope the baby loves it and wants to take it in the car EVERYWHERE!

We got to meet Evie and Derek's new baby Josie. She is precious - so very small!

Sarah and Jordan had these great excited awed smiles the whole day - you can tell they are enjoying this time in their life but anxious to meet their new baby boy!

Congratulations guys! Can't wait to kiss that baby!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

~Evie~ said...

I am so sad that I just found your blog, via Sadies.

Look at how itty bitty my baby girl was :( wow time flies I really miss that!!

and how cute that the hat on Higs knee was from ME :)